Let’s kick off this episode of The Presentation Boss Podcast with a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference, because episode 42! We’re playing with a TED Talk this time. And not just Any TED Talk, but the sixth most watched TED Talk of all time. It’s by Julian Treasure and explores why we should use our voice, how we should use our voice and shares a vision for a future of voice.

This talk covers a lot of content and there is so much skill and neatness that can be learned. However, along the way, Thomas and Kate find difference in understandings and point out that they think the talk is simultaneously too short, and too long. What a great example of a speech; let’s jump in and have a listen!

What You’ll Learn
• The power of starting a talk with a clear, three-word statement

• A technique to get all of your audience listening

• How contrast helps to set up the big question and theme of a presentation

• What to do when you have an unexpected laugh from your audience

• Use of super-quick but super effective storytelling

• How to make lists sticky; that is, stick in the mind of your audience

• Being careful of stereotyping in the mind of your audience and being careful with word choice

• Why we shouldn’t apologise to our audience

• Where you should have audience interaction within a presentation

• The danger of having too much content without enough detail in a speech

Mentioned In The Show
• Julian Treasure | How to speak so that people want to listen

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