Episode thirty-seven of the Presentation Boss Podcast and we loved our interview with today’s guest, Mel Kettle. We met Mel through the podcasting community and have had the pleasure of meeting up with her at a few events where she’s always great fun to chat with. This episode is a wonderful conversation about communicating, the importance of connecting with others, and the possibilities that present themselves when we show up as our true selves.

A quick note. For whatever reason, the audio quality in this episode is varied and lower than we generally achieve. However, Mel’s insight and thoughts are super valuable and worth sharing (thankfully she speaks super clearly) so we fixed it as much as possible afterwards. We do thank you for your understanding with this grainy-er episode ?

About Our Guest
Mel Kettle is a strategic communication expert. For over 25 years she has been obsessed with communication, connection and collaboration. She works with CEOs, leaders and teams to help them become more connected in an increasingly disconnected world.

Mel is a sought after thought leader, speaker, mentor and facilitator who helps her clients create stronger relationships with their workforce, customers and investors. By communicating with clarity, conviction and compassion, they are able to increase their influence and become more trusted. She is the author of The Social Association, and her second book Connectable is due out in February 2020.

What You’ll Learn

  • Mel’s interesting story and why she believes communication skills are so important
  • The skill and importance of being connectable.
  • Why a good presenter needs to focus on themselves before their audience
  • The biggest issues around communicating in teams, and how to start to overcome them
  • The difference between presentation skills and conversation skills?
  • What is the biggest difference you see between communicating online and in person?
  • Communicating effectively using social media if you’ve never really used it before

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