Our last show of the The Presentation Boss Podcast, for 2019! We’ve done 35 of these now – high-five for us! For this episode we asked you, our listeners what questions you had for us about presentations, presentation skills and presentation philosophy. We received a load of questions and picked out ten of the juiciest, meatiest and heftiest discussion-inducing examples to tackle on this show.

We actually had fun before pressing the record button discussing some of these answers and of course, having fun when we began to record. Here it is, the episode created by you and for you. We hope our answers, insights and experience helped your questions, and everyone found value in this discussion.

The Questions Our Listeners Asked:

1. 1:06 – Are we married?

2. 3:12 – If you’re giving a presentation and you stuff up, how do you pull yourself together and keep going?

3. 7:23 – Where do you get your MC gigs from?

4. 10:59 – What’s the one thing that separates a good talk from a bad talk?

5. 13:04 – Do you use a thesaurus when you’re writing a presentation or speech?

6. 15:12 – How do you avoid completely overwhelming your audience in an information-heavy presentation?

7. 18:55 – When it comes to a keynote or presentation introduction, how do you set the scene to capture the audiences’ attention from the start?

8. 24:37 – How can organisations take steps to genuinely get their slides and training more palatable?

9. 29:22 – I almost exclusively wear good looking jeans, a black tee shirt, good looking shoes. I have been told by some that a more professional appearance would help me in some cases. Would dress pants and a sweater really have made a difference?

10. 34:23 – How many takes do you guys do to get a clean run-through of your podcast episodes?

Mentioned In The Show

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