It’s your favourite Kate and Thomas this week on The Presentation Boss Podcast, episode thirty three! We have been thinking a bunch about what we often see done during presentations that really distracts, detracts or destructs the delivery of the message. And when giving a presentation, you really want to give yourself the best opportunity to communicate your messages and ideas without turning your audience off.

Thus, today we sit down and discuss the seven greatest traps we see presenters fall into that are relatively easy to not do. It’s a bit of a more light episode as we laugh at each other a bunch and bring you along for the fun!

The Seven Things To Not Do:

1. Data dumping; giving your audience way too much information

2. Being a narrator of your own presentation; not being in control

3.  Making your audience multitask; getting people to do more than one thing at a time

4.  Being too cool for your own presentation; not showing vulnerability and giving it an honest go

5.  Lack of contrast; winding up without variation in your delivery style

6.  Being too fancy with your slides; overuse of animations an transitions

7.  Going overtime; showing a lack of respect for people’s time and losing likeability

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