Woohoo! It’s time for episode thirty of The Presentation Boss Podcast! Let’s just first all agree that PowerPoint used well is a powerful tool for communication and in presentation skills. And really not just PowerPoint, but Keynote, Google Slides, Prezi and Canva all achieve the same thing.

But exactly what do we mean by using PowerPoint well?

And how do you use it well?

On this episode Kate and Thomas explore what you need to do in advance of your presentation, how to prepare and set up your presentation and what you need to do during your presentation all around just your PowerPoint. It’s a brief overview of the things you need to consider for your PowerPoint Presentation!

What You’ll Learn

• Exactly what it means to use PowerPoint effectively

• What you need to do before the day of your presentation to be best prepared

• What you need to set up upon your arrival to present

• How you arrange your laptop for the best use of available displays

• Whether or not you need a slide clicker and the alternatives available

• How to best show your slides to the audience

• One super-handy PowerPoint hack for when you need to pause your presentation

• What to do when the technology decides to not co-operate fully

• The level of interaction we recommend between a presenter and their slides

 Mentioned In The Show

• Episode 13. Speech Breakdown – Tracey Spicer: “The Lady Stripped Bare”: https://www.blueboxdatastorytelling.com.au/podcast/e13/

• Hans Rosling TED Talks: https://www.ted.com/speakers/hans_rosling

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