Oh yeah! Episode twenty-nine of the Presentation Boss Podcast! Oftentimes Kate and Thomas find themselves discussing what to wear when presenting and what considerations there are when choosing your outfit. A balance between looking professional and also being comfortable to communicate. So, we reached out to a local style coach to see what extra insights there are that we’ve never considered before.

About Our Guest
Moana Robinson has a mission; to empower others to glow from the inside out. As a coach for life and style, she uses her skills to take others on a journey to discover their perfect colour palette, style, wardrobe and it doesn’t stop there. Being the best you can be includes what goes on inside the mind and heart as well as outside.

Combining her experience as a personal stylist, life coach and mentor, Moana has the ability to help people shine – to find that magic combination of colour, body shape, lifestyle and personality. The magic is in unleashing the untapped confidence we keep hidden for fear of standing out. The best thing you can do is stand out as the best possible version of yourself.

Moana has been in involved in holding many styling and presenting workshops to assist business and corporate attendees look, feel and be their best to create that all important great first impression.

What You’ll Learn
• Understanding that what you display should reflect your personality

• How what you wear can build rapport with your audience, or distract them

• The considerations you must be aware of when presenting

• Is flowing clothing or form-fitting better?

• The standard of dress you should wear compared to your audience

• Knowing what colours suit you the best and a quick trick to work out what colours are best for you!

• Whether it’s more important to look stylish or look professional

• The idea of having a personal brand ‘thing’ for when you speak.

Mentioned In The Show

Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers
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