Welcome to episode twenty-seven of The Presentation Boss Podcast! In this episode we decided to address one of the most asked and most concerning topics we get asked about; ‘Can an introvert be a good speaker?’ or sometimes worse ‘I am an introvert therefore I can’t be good at speaking’. Kate and Thomas know a bit about introversion and its friend, extroversion, and understand how they impact on the ability of an individual’s presentation skills.

One of us identifies as an introvert, the other an extrovert. Can you guess who before listening? We let that guide us, along with our extensive experience working with people of all personality types in this discussion. We aim to bust some myths, explain some truths and share the techniques that work for us.

What You’ll Learn
• The misconceptions around introversion and extroversion

• An easy scale we use to help gauge this personality type in ourselves and others

• The simple definition of introversion, extroversion and ambiversion.

• What we see are the typical traits of each

• The advantages each of these has when speaking

• The tendencies you should be aware of and how to best work with them

• Plenty of stories and laughter about an introvert and an extrovert clashing.

 Mentioned In The Show
• Susan Cain’s TED Talk “The Power of Introverts”: https://www.ted.com/talks/susan_cain_the_power_of_introverts

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