For episode twenty five of The Presentation Boss Podcast, it’s time for another speech breakdown. Kate and Thomas are experienced not only as speakers, but as presentation coaches. They love finding the strengths and weaknesses in a presentation and explaining why they work or why they’d make a recommendation. Today we picked something off our list that neither of us had seen before, but looked promising. Listen along with us for the first time and hear our first impressions of this talk.

There are many commencement speeches available online, but we chose this one both because it’s a little shorter and also Kate likes Ellen DeGeneres. There’s a lot to love about this talk and plenty of jokes that catch them laughing out loud. Plus a moment of embarrassment for Thomas. Have a listen for beautiful expression of personality, brilliant preparation and rehearsal, and a nice audience focus.

What You’ll Learn
• A way of working with protocol and acknowledging guests with personality

• How careful rehearsal and preparation results in an authentic, conversational presentation

• Using minimalist storytelling to be relatable to your audience

• How telling your audience what their perspective is proves you understand them

• The risk of having too much humour in the wrong place of a presentation

• The importance of speaking to your audience as individuals.

Mentioned In The Show
• Ellen DeGeneres’ Commencement Speech at Tulane University in 2009:

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