It’s episode twenty four of The Presentation Boss Podcast! This week Kate and Thomas got thinking about the big question we always get asked: “What’s the best tip you have to becoming a better speaker?”. And our answer while true, isn’t exactly a short-cut from average to awesome speaking. The best thing a new speaker can do is to rehearse their presentations. And we sometimes get push back that ‘rehearsal doesn’t work for me’.

Therefore, in this episode we discuss why rehearsal fails, why rehearsal is actually important and most importantly, the correct way to rehearse so the time you invest in this step results in an improved presentation in front of your audience.

What You’ll Learn
• Exactly how rehearsal will make your life easier.

• Why rehearsal is NOT the opposite of authentic

• The mistaken reason why some people feel rehearsal isn’t for them

• The reasons why you should be rehearsing your presentation

• How to determine how much you should rehearse

• Exactly how you should rehearse: the tips and tricks to make it most effective

• What the difference is between memorisation and internalisation and when to use each • How to get the right feedback for your preparation

 Mentioned In The Show
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