Yeeha! Episode twenty three Presentation Boss Podcast! Today we reached out to our friend Joshua Morotti to talk a little bit about storytelling and not only how it can be useful in business, but also about live storytelling shows. Sometimes described as ‘like a stand-up comedy show, but with true stories instead’, they are always an entertaining show of courage, kindness and connection.

About Our Guest
Joshua Morotti is an electrical engineer by day, budding entrepreneur by night; storyteller always. He has years of experience as a speaker and has been attracted to the art of Storytelling. And being a ‘get stuff done’ kinda guy, he decided what his hometown of Brisbane needed was a live storytelling event.

After reaching out to Kate and Thomas, the three of them launched Life Out Loud Storytelling; a series of regular shows that allow real people to tell real stories from stage in front of a live audience.

What You’ll Learn
• Why the ability to tell stories effectively is so important

• The difference between a story and a speech

• How Life Out Loud Storytelling came to be and what inspired it

• The considerations that make a great story, regardless of where it is told

• The three key elements every story must have

• Some of the common mistakes to avoid when sharing your experiences

• Details about the next live storytelling event in Brisbane

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