This is episode twenty two of The Presentation Boss Podcast and that reminds us of a song! Kate and Thomas are experienced not only as speakers, but as presentation coaches. They love finding the strengths and weaknesses in a presentation and explaining why they work or need to be considered. Today we’re having a discussion about a talk Thomas has seen a few times but Kate is watching for the first time.

Alex Honnold is the star of the 2018 film ‘Free Solo’ and a world-renowned rock climber. Here he speaks at TED 2018 about his experience in preparing for that climb. There’s a lot to love and a lot to learn from this talk and Kate and Thomas don’t necessarily agree on everything. Have a listen out for heavy use of scripting, pausing around humour and clever use of detail in storytelling.

What You’ll Learn

• How you can integrate video into a presentation

• The risk of having an over-scripted speech

• What to do when the audience laughs when you’re not expecting it

• How to immerse your audience into your story in a believable fashion

• Building and relieving tension in your story for your audience

• Effective use of visual storytelling in PowerPoint

• How important having a message is, and if every speech needs one

Mentioned In The Show

• Alex Honnold | How I Climbed a 3000-Foot Vertical Cliff – Without Ropes:

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Quotes From This Episode

• “It gives him credibility and proves he is the right person to talk about this”

• “Sometimes people do amazing feats and then they’re asked to speak about it”

• “Even though we know it’s scripted and rehearsed, it still sounds like they’re just talking and having a conversation”

• “I can’t imagine what it’s like, please just tell me what it’s like”

• “If you can’t feel the emotions of your story, your audience never will”

• “I love that moment – you see him break this mechanical delivery”

• “You need to justify the act of speaking – what value are you going to add to your 12 minutes?”

• “What do you remember about this speech”

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• Taylor Swift | 22: