It’s episode twenty two of The Presentation Boss Podcast! Your hosts Kate and Thomas are this week sharing how you go about getting yourself introduced before you speak. They cover exactly when and why you would need to be introduced, what should go into your introduction, and some big considerations to ensure it is effective and sets you up for success.

This episode tackles all of this to ensure your audience is ready to hear you speak before you walk to the speaking area. We even have a few examples we play and read as we go. Plus there’s a fun fact right at the end that Kate had googled as we were recording!

What You’ll Learn
• Why you really should provide your own introduction

• The importance of a considered and planned introduction

• When and where an introduction is needed – it’s likely a few apply to you!

• How much better your credibility is coming from someone else

• The four questions every introduction needs to answer

• The four recommendations for a brilliant introduction

• How many words you should be aiming for

Mentioned In The Show

• Phil M Jones at Volkswagen in 2019 |

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Quotes From This Episode
• “A great introduction sets up a great talk”

• “A speaker has eight seconds to make a great introduction”

• “That’s a wasted opportunity to grab your audience and keep them engaged for the rest of your presentation”

• “I went to Africa, went on safari, met a giraffe and then had a realisation”