It’s episode twenty of the Presentation Boss Podcast! Today we’re joined by another guest to talk about talking! Kelly McAuliffe has great experience in bringing together widely different groups, especially across experience levels within an organisation to communicate. She highlights how all of us are people first and there’s loads to learn from listening in.

About Our Guest

Kelly McAuliffe’s passion is for connecting and engaging others has been evident throughout her whole career. Having worked within a large government organisation she understands the complexities that come with cross functional work units operating in different environments.
Kelly is incredibly passionate about connecting the unconnected.

Many organisations are experiencing for the first time, multiple generations of employees working side by side. The role of leadership into the future is pivotal to ensure you harness the energy from all your people and provide them with the permission and authority to have a voice and be a part of future decision making. The future of work is an inside job and collaboration requires integration not domination.

What You’ll Learn

• How Kelly got her start in communication in difficult spaces

• The key consideration to enable anyone to communicate with anyone else

• What the differences in expectations are between generations

• How communication can change the power of knowledge

• Where the stereotypes of generations falls apart

• How a lack of communication leads to stifling innovation

• The importance of empathy and value-adding to ideas

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• Listen Like a Dog by Jeff Lazarus

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Quotes From This Episode

• “Communication is 101 with people regardless of where you work, where you live or who you communicate with”

• “We’re just real people trying to connect”

• “It was about connecting the unconnected”

• “We all need to communicate, but we all communicate differently”

• “The key is to provide a safe space and permission to speak freely”