Woohoo! We’re up to episode nineteen of The Presentation Boss Podcast! Your hosts Kate and Thomas are experienced not only as speakers, but as presentation coaches. They love finding the strengths and weaknesses in a presentation and explaining why they work or need to be considered. Today we’re having a close look at the 2019 World Champion of Public Speaking.

Each year this public speaking competition is held, culminating in the final in August. This year that final was held in Denver, Colorado, which Kate and Thomas watched live online. As with all contests, there are specific criteria and time that speakers must aim for and within the confines of this arena, we thoroughly enjoyed this speech by Aaron Beverly of Philadelphia.

What You’ll Learn

• The differences between commercial speaking and contest speaking

• The risk of including an inside joke

• How and where to start a story when used in a speech

• An example of how posture and physical demonstration can assist humour

• Use of effective repetition and simple language

• One of the big indicators that an audience has enjoyed a presentation

Mentioned In The Show

• Aaron Beverly: An Unbelievable Story at the WCPS in 2019 | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmj1LBJu_Ss

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Quotes From This Episode

• “It’s important to view any speech within the context of what it is trying to achieve”

• “I’m interested in this presentation”

• “It’s clear he’s got a very refined presentation”

• “Immediately get your audience somewhere and somewhen”

• “Which shows that the audience is into it”

• “I think this is a perfect example of what engagement is; it is wanting to listen, wanting to know what comes next, feeling something”

• “I think the right person won the contest on the day”