Today you’re listening in to episode eighteen of The Presentation Boss Podcast! As a competent speaker, it is reasonable to think you could be asked to be an MC at a meeting, event or conference. Or maybe it’s an opportunity you’re actively seeking out. This topic was suggested by a listener and we have done a lot of MC work ourselves to both small, big and huge audiences and a variety of events.

Sit back and listen as we walk through some tips, tricks and horror stories from our experience. We talk about how to prepare, how to present and even how to deal with problems that may arise during the event you’re MC-ing.

What You’ll Learn

• What exactly is the role of MC and how should you think of this role

• The things that an MC needs to achieve when they’re on stage/speaking

• What single item you should always have on your person

• How you can best work with presenters and speakers

• Some considerations around how to dress and physically present

• Exactly what your audience, event organisers and others will expect of you

• Three of the biggest issues that can arise and how to deal with them professionally

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Quotes From This Episode

• “Every event where you have people coming together to listen, speak and communicate needs a leader, and that leader is an MC”

• “The MC is in service of the event”

• “How the event opens is how it continues”

• “It’s really important to do a little bit of research to be sure you are competent”

• “That’s the MC life!”

• “You’re the one who’s maintaining the flow and control of the event”

• “You remain positive and flexible”

• “The audience doesn’t need to know the stress, just communicate what needs to happen”