Let’s kick off episode 14 of the Presentation Boss Podcast, a conversation with a fellow communication specialist! Today we have a conversation of a fellow Brisbane Podcaster, host of the First Time Facilitator, Leanne Hughes. We both listen to a lot of Leanne’s podcast and Thomas has even been on the show.

We see that Leanne is a passionate learner, an interesting person to hang out with and an easy person to have a conversation with. As a specialist in facilitation, built over both her career and podcast interviews, we knew we had to have her on the show to discuss some of what she knows about training sessions with groups of people and speaking.

About Our Guest
Leanne Hughes is the host of the First Time Facilitator podcast and is based in Brisbane, Australia. She loves to shake up expectations and create unpredictable workshop experiences; her philosophy is ‘Maximum fun, minimum buzzwords’.

Leanne has facilitated leadership, onboarding and team-building workshops across Australia, Canada, Indonesia and Mongolia and believes in a strengths-centred approach to learning and development. She has over 13 years’ of experience across a range of industries including mining, government and tourism sectors.

Leanne delivers impactful and pragmatic leadership development, and soft-skill workshops for graduates through to mid-level leaders. In 2018, she was a finalist in the Australian Learning Impact awards for Learning Professional of the Year.

What You’ll Learn
• What sparked the interest in speaking and professional development in Leanne.
• What exactly Leanne does in her role now
• A little bit about the personality profiling of us three presenters
• The key difference in the environment of speaking compared to facilitation
• How facilitating alone or with another presenter can be different
• Thomas’ relationship status
• Why and when to prepare a surplus of content for workshops
• The difference between a fair facilitator and a great facilitator
• Framing a workshop before anyone evenr enters the room
• The balance between information and inspiration

Mentioned In The Show
• Leanne Hughes’ website: https://www.leannehughes.com
• Leanne Hughes on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leannehughes/
• The First Time Facilitator Podcast: https://www.firsttimefacilitator.com/
• Thomas on the First Time Facilitator Podcast: https://www.firsttimefacilitator.com/powerpoint-presentations-facilitator-thomas-krafft/
• Michael Port ‘Steal the Show’: http://stealtheshow.com/podcast/the-book/

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Quotes From This Episode
• “Wow there’s a role that if you can speak, it opens up doors and opportunities to go to other locations”
• “I might just have a crack with delivering this content”
• “I do not recommend leaving a employment, starting a business and thinking you’re going to be successful”
• “I actually don’t think it’s that brave; more just give it a go”
• “There’s so many uncontrolled variables”
• “When you are presenting, you’re always trying to pick up on what the audience is thinking”
• “I have no problem giving a speech, I find that so much easier”
• “I ask myself, what’s a stat, and what’s a story on this topic?”
• “Facilitators don’t need to be entertainers, but they need to do whatever it takes to keep your audience engaged in a way that is authentic”
• “The best feedback I can get at the end of the day is ‘oh gee, that day went so fast'”
• “My aim is to stamp out these terrible presentations”
• “That’s exactly why I love the second day of a workshop”
• “You can only get better by getting time on your feet”
• “Their lack of confidence is incredible, but they just give it a go”
• “Effective public speaking raises a person’s value by 50% instantly”