G’day and welcome to episode 13 of The Presentation Boss Podcast! Your hosts Kate and Thomas are experienced not only as speakers, but as presentation coaches. They love finding the strengths and weaknesses in a presentation and explaining why they work or need to be considered. And here we are with another speech breakdown, brought to you by the nice people of TED.

Today we’re listening to a speech that was recommended to us by a listener. See, we really do listen to suggestions! It’s from an event here in Brisbane and it’s a TEDx talk that’s presented very well, a message that Kate was divided about and reminded us of an infamous radio ad. It’s Tracey Spicer with ‘The Lady Stripped Bare’.

What You’ll Learn
• Choosing how you want your message to be introduced early in your talk.
• The emphasis to place on long lists
• Being aware of how your chosen visuals can detract from your message
• How much logic to use in a persuasive presentation
• A beautiful example of selecting and delivering statistics and evidence
• How to transition into a storytelling bit
• Placing the right emphasis on key stakes on a story
• How props can add to a presentation that is effective even without them
• Exactly what to do when your PowerPoint lags or doesn’t work immediately

Mentioned In The Show
• Tracey Spicer | The Lady Stripped Bare: https://tedxbrisbane.com.au/tedxsouthbank/talks/tracey-spicer/

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Quotes From This Episode
• “I just love the Queensland accent”
• “She’s very well crafted this message and presentation for the audience in the room”
• “Then you’ve immediately got a distraction and something that detracts from the presentation”
• “The way she presents those statistics is quite clever”
• “The storytelling in this particular instance is great”
• “It’s such a well crafted presentations with an audience focus”
• “It’s a very simple, effective use of props”
• “Just pause”
• “I think the theme was strong, but the message was not”
• “It’s a beautiful example of audience focus”