Here it is! episode twelve of The Presentation Boss Podcast! Unfortunately not every time you present, not every audience member is going to act perfectly by you. Sometimes you get a tricky audience member who has something to say and you’re going to get emotional. While we have a few stories and examples ourselves, we’ve always made sure to learn from the experience.

In this episode we share those stories but more importantly, exactly how to cope with a difficult audience member during a Q&A session. Plus, we’ll explore a bit of the psychology around why people aren’t always ideal during these sessions and how to remain cool, calm and in control!

We begin the episode with some feedback from a listener. It made us think and we’ll take it on board in future.

What You’ll Learn
• The authority and control balance that takes place during a Q&A session
• Being prepared for the emotion and nerves of a difficult situation
• The three goals you as a presenter, need to achieve when dealing with a difficult audience member
• Being assertive, and how it can show kindness and respect
• The five different types of difficult audience member
• Why each type of difficult audience member acts the way they do
• Exactly what to say to acknowledge and move on from each type of difficult audience member
• How and why you must index responses in advance

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Quotes From This Episode
• “It’s worth knowing how to deal with these situations while still maintaining your poise, composure and remaining respectful”
• “Whoever is asking the questions is in control of the conversation”
• “If I answer this question, is it actually going to help everyone else in the room?”
• “If you react in a calm and diplomatic way, it will earn you credibility”
• “Sometimes the best way to deal with a difficult audience member is not to deal with them”