Who’s a bit nervous? Let’s talk about that, on episode six of The Presentation Boss Podcast! Glossophobia is the irrational fear of public speaking. We may not be able to treat that, but for those who feel nervous before speaking, we know how to help. There are plenty of bandaids you can read about online, but they’re useless when your hemorrhaging nerves!

We discuss our best known tools to properly reduce and control nerves to help you feel in control and confident before you speak. These work for us and people we’ve worked with to reduce nervousness when speaking in front of any audience.

What You’ll Learn
• Five actionable steps you can take to reduce nervousness when speaking
• How to take the edge off the debilitating fear that you may feel
• Why we feel nervous when speaking at all
• How world-class athletes and speakers feel before they talk
• How to build your successes and confidence in speaking
• What Thomas finds complex in the kitchen
• The preparation techniques you use and how they affect your nerves
• How to reduce the number of things in your mind to stress about
• Taking the comfort you feel with friends, and using it on stage

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• Kate on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kate-norris/
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• Email us! podcast@presentationboss.com.au

Quotes From This Episode
• “It’s not about removing every last shred of nerves, I don’t believe that’s possible”
• “While practice makes up a lot of getting over nervousness, so does mindset”
• “When you’re speaking, there is an element of non-conformity”
• “This is my body’s reaction to being able to stand up and share my ideas”
• “If you breathe out, you will naturally breathe back in”
• “When you have that one sentence.. it forms the core of your presentation”
• “..reduces your nervousness before you’ve even woken up on the day of the presentation”